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THRON can handle documents, images, html pages, audio, video on demand and even live streaming.

With THRON, you can forget about formatting and compatibility issues. When an asset is loaded, THRON initiates a transcoding procedure to prepare the content so that it is ready to be displayed on any fixed and mobile device and perfectly matches the amount of bandwidth available. When the transcoding process is complete, you will be notified that the content is ready, but the THRON Player will allow you to view the content immediately as soon as there is at least one channel available.


Extensions and Formats

THRON handles every type of multimedia content exploiting the latest available technologies; there is no restriction on the extensions that can be uploaded in the platform and shared both internally and externally. However, not every type of extension will generate a preview that can be played via THRON Player. There are some reliable combinations we want to suggest.


Suggested combinations



  • .mp4 extension with h.264 video codec and aac audio codec.
  • .avi extension, with xvid video codec and mp3 audio codec.
  • .mov extension, with h.264 video codec and aac audio codec.


  • .mp3 extension with .mp3 audio codec


  • jpg, jpegs
  • ico
  • webp
  • png (transparency is preserved)
  • tif, tiff (transparency is preserved)
  • gif (transparency is preserved), no animation. The first frame is captured. If you want to preserve the animation of a gif, you should upload the content as a DOCUMENT, and use the public/document web service to deliver the animated image.
  • svg (transparency is preserved)
  • bmp
  • eps
  • nef*
  • cr2*
  • dng*
  • ai (transparency is preserved)
  • psd (preview of psd files that exceed 100MB size is not guaranteed)
  • arw*
  • dcr*
  • orf*
  • raf*

* raw files are files subject to continuous evolutions that follow the developments of different manufacturers. The support of raw files is therefore guaranteed compatibly with the times and with the release of the libraries used for the new models of cameras. For optimal conversion we recommend uploading raw files that do not exceed 60MB in weight and 50Mpx



  • .ps/.eps
  • .pdf (Thumbnail extraction only)
  • .txt
  • .xml
  • .xls
  • .doc
  • .ppt
  • .xlsx/.xlsxm
  • .docx/.docxm
  • .pptx/.pptxm
  • .ods
  • .odt
  • .odp
  • .pages
  • .numbers
  • .key


Profiles and Channels

One or more profiles are used for content fruition, and those profiles represent the available quality for the content itself. Profiles are specific sets of channels used for content playback. Channels allow playback on different technologies and different qualities. Usually, all the profiles have the necessary channels for content playback on all kinds of devices. THRON presets are “Standard” and “HD” profiles. In addition, other custom profiles may exist, but it is advisable to contact our technical support for a discussion on the specific need.

Channels in turn represent the content through one or more quality levels.


Original file

For security reasons, the original file of each content is not managed by THRON CDN. It is only stored internally. Hence, its distribution is not accelerated by any application or web service.


Transcoding channels

You can find the list of default configurations for each content type and device below.

The profile will be used in THRON to indicate all channels automatically enabled.

Each time a content is published in a profile, it will be transcoded on all the corresponding channels. It is important to know that if the profile is changed after the publication of some content, it may require a new transcoding in order to be played properly in the new profile. THRON implements a fallback mechanism for available channels according to the device in use. If the default channel for that specific device is not available, the player will automatically try to reproduce the content in the subsequent channel. If no channel can be reproduced, the user will receive a predefined message (typically when the browser is obsolete i.e. Internet Explorer 7).





Playback channel based on HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); Dynamic bitrate: 512 kbps, 800 kbps; Channel name: Streaming (HLS); Channel code: STREAMHTTPIOS

Playback channel based on HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); Dynamic bitrate: 512 kbps, 800 kbps, 1200 kbps, 1600 kbps, 2000 kbps; Channel name: Streaming FullHD (HLS); Channel code: STREAMHTTPIOSHD

Playback channel based on Progressive Download; Single bitrate: 800 kbps; Channel name: Mp4 480p (h264); Channel code: WEB

Playback channel based on High Definition Progressive Download; Single bitrate: 2000 kbps; Channel name: Mp4 720p (h264); Channel code: WEBHD


Additional channel for old mobile devices not supporting dynamic streaming:


Playback channel based on Progressive Download optimized for mobile devices; Single bitrate: 512 kbps; Compression format: H.264 with Base Line Profile 3.0; Channel name: Mp4 480p (h264); Channel code: WEBIPHONE

Playback channel based on High Definition Progressive Download optimized for mobile devices; Single bitrate: 2000 kbps; Compression format: H.264 with High Line Profile 5.1; Channel name: Mp4 720p (h264); Channel code: WEBIPHONEHD


Video resize schema:

In order to guarantee the best tradeoff between quality and resolution the transcoding process resizes the video according to predefined levels, up to original file resolution (closest available resolution), maintaining the correct content’s aspect ratio. Predefined levels are:

  • 320px width
  • 640px width
  • 800px width
  • 960px width
  • 1280px width


In any case, videos are never scaled to higher resolutions than the original one (no upscaling).




Playback channel based on Progressive Download; Single bitrate: 128 kbps; Compression format: mp3; Channel name: Mp3 (128Kbps 44100khz); Channel code: WEB



Images uploaded to THRON are converted at various resolutions, up to a maximum width of 4096px.

The output can be dynamically retrieved through the public/image service, requesting the desired resolution. Additional information can be found in this article.

With regard to output formats, if the source file does not have transparency (e.g. JPG, JPEG), the output will be a JPG file; if the source image has transparency (GIF/PNG), the output will be a PNG file.



For desktop browser and mobile devices (Android and iOS) the default configuration is:



Playback channel based on Progressive Download; Transcoding to PDF only for some document extensions; Channel name: PDF; Channel Code: WEBDOC


THRON performs the transcoding to PDF format (WebDoc channel) for the following file types:




Text files

txt; xml (treated as plain text)

Microsoft Office Documents

doc; docx; docxm; ppt; pptx; pptxm; xls; xlsx; xlsxm

Open/Libre/Star Office Documents

odt; odf; odp; ods

PDF files


Postscript File / Encapsulated Postscript

ps; eps

Image files

bmp; jpg; jpeg; gif; png


In most cases document conversion offers results which are absolutely identical to the original file. However, a converted document may differ from the original one when exclusive Microsoft features have been used (such as Wordarts, special transitions, charts in spreadsheets, etc.).
Documents with “macros” are currently not converted for security reasons.


Transcoding from spreadsheets (Excel files) to PDF scales each sheet to fill a one-page PDF file (if possible). For this reason, the viewer may have to use high levels of zoom in order to display all data. If the package contains graphs, the transcoding process does not guarantee their proper display.


The following conditions need to be satisfied in order to read documents with Internet Explorer 8:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your PC so that the pdf is navigable
  • Fullscreen is limited to the embed area (when content is used outside Dashboard)
  • Toolbar is inside the embed area only if the content is attached to it.


Summary Table 




JPG/PNG (up to 4096)



Mp3 (128Kbps)



Mp4 480p (h264 800kbps)


Mp4 720p (h264)


Mp4 480p (h264 512kbps)


Mp4 720p (h264 2000kbps)


Streaming HLS


Streaming FullHD (h264)



Download source







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