How to manually select a focus area for image delivery thanks to THRON RTIE

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The Real-Time Image Editor, THRON's feature set that allows you to edit and optimize images for the web by adapting them to the channel, connection conditions, browser and devices used by your end users, has been enriched with a new option. As of now, in fact, you will be completely autonomous and independent in defining the focus area of an image for your external shares and publications, thanks to the manual selection of images focus area directly from THRON DAM PLATFORM.


How to manually define the focus area of an image step-by-step


Once you enter the edit area of an image - by clicking on the pencil icon in the content preview smart bar or among the quick actions - you will find the "Focus area" section among the features on the right shoulder, under “Attachments”. RTIE will propose you a focus area by default. To change its size and position:

  • drag the focus area rectangle over the area of the image you want to use as the focus
  • change its size by dragging one or more vertices of the image; alternatively, you can choose the size of the focus area by entering its height and width (in pixels) directly in the appropriate field
  • click on save. You can always click on the "Restore" button to restore the previously set focus area.

In this way, you have defined the focal point of your image for web channels distribution, not its crop. 


You can define the crop of the image (and its dimensions) when you create the embed code: the parameters set for crop definition in the embed code are always those that define image size, while the focus area feature enables you to define its focus point, that will be the same for all the active publications and external shares of that specific image, regardless of the crop size. 




If you are using THRON CONNECTOR for Adobe EM, you can exploit this feature directly from the plug-in:

  • once you have defined a focus area for a specific image from its edit area in THRON DAM PLATFORM, the focus area will be valid also for publications made through the connector
  • THRON CONNECTOR for Adobe EM gives you the chance to access in real-time, through a specific link, the edit area of an image in THRON DAM PLATFORM in order to rapidly change its focus area.


To remember!


  • The manual selection of the focus area from THRON DAM PLATFORM is specific for each single image: this means that you can select a different focus area for each image, but you cannot select the focus area for more than one image at the same time
  • The focus area selected manually from THRON DAM PLATFORM will be valid for all the active shares of that specific image: you need to select the focus area only once for all the shares of that image. Once you have clicked on the “Save” icon, the focus area will be saved and applied to all your channels and active share pages containing that image
  • The manual selection of the focus area from THRON DAM PLATFORM impacts only on images that have been published on your channels using the RTIE parameter scalemode=auto. This feature will not modify the focus area for images that have been published with the RTIE parameters:
    • scalemode=manual
    • scalemode=centered
    • scalemode=product


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