THRON WORKFLOW – How to create and manage your Jobs

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The next step is the creation of Jobs within your Campaigns.
Jobs represent the different activities of producing materials and content for a specific project or customer, but also the approval flow itself.

In fact, once you have created the Job and selected the Owners - who has the right to modify or delete the Job - the Team Members and all the other details that we will explain shortly, you can move on to configure the workflow quickly and easily, defining the various steps through the no-code builder of THRON WORKFLOW.

The approval flow that you will set up will be valid for all the assets that you will upload into a specific Job.


How to create a job


To create a Job, you need to be the Owner of the Campaign you are in:

  • Click on the name of the Campaign for which you want to create one or more Job
  • In case the Campaign does not contain any Job yet, click on the 'Create first Job' button:
  • In case the Campaign already contain one or more Jobs, click on the 'New Job' button:

After that, a form will open and you will need to enter the following data:

  • Job name: Job identification name (mandatory field)
  • Job Owners: select the users who will have the right to manage the Job (mandatory field)
  • Start date / Due date: Job start and end date markers (optional fields)
  • Description and Guidelines: section where you can enter additional information about the Job (optional field)
  • Team members: select the users who work at the assets of a Job but do not have the right to edit the Job itself.
    • Team Members can be both users and groups of users. For each Team Member you can define if he/she can edit Job’s contents or not.
    • Only users who have the “Edit” right will be able to apply any changes to the content on the various Stages, including uploading. Those who do not have the “Edit” right can only view and vote on the content.
    • All Team Members can see the content in each Stage of the Job.
  • Upload attachments: you can attach briefs and guidelines in order to share more information about the content and materials that need to be produced. You can upload any kind of file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, etc.). Team Members can download Attachments in their original format. When a Job is deleted, the attachment is deleted too.


Then, click on 'Configure workflow' to configure your approval flow.

Note: When you create a Job, a related folders will be created in THRON DAM PLATFORM. This folder will be accessible but not editable. In the same way, the contents of these folders cannot be edited. This kind of folders is functional to the monitoring of the contents involved in the various workflow processes and for billing. In fact, all the assets present in THRON WORKFLOW are counted like all the other contents in THRON DAM PLATFORM.

The next step is represented by the configuration of the various steps and transitions of your workflows:

THRON WORKFLOW – How to manage your workflow

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