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THRON DAM PLATFORM provides constant updates on everything relating to workflows within the platform by means of real-time notifications.

Whenever a user performs a given action on the platform, the system sends a real-time notification via two different channels:

  • On the platform, by means of the Notification Center, on the right vertical bar of the main dashboard or accessible via the bell icon on the smartbar
  • Via email.

CAUTION! While platform notifications are active by default for all platform users, each user must activate the reception of email notifications in their own Passport section. Neither THRON nor Platform Administrators are able to change notification settings for other users.

The options available in the Notifications section are:

  • Sounds on/off – to activate and deactivate the browser’s sound notifications


  • Notification email language – to choose the language of email notifications (the options available are Italian and English)


  • Receive email notifications – for activating and deactivating the reception of email notifications


  • Enable notifications for new folders - for automatic activation or deactivation of notifications of new folders created to which the user has access


Select folders for which you wish to receive notifications – for specific selection of the folders for which notifications will be received.
CAUTION! Notification activation or deactivation settings on parent folders are not inherited by child folders. Therefore, users will have to activate or deactivate notifications for every single folder in the tree to their requirements.

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