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The latest update of THRON to version 6.4.2 has introduced some new features:


  • New supported files: THRON now supports files of the iWork suite (Pages, Spreadsheets, Keynotes). Such files will be now properly transcoded and their preview will be available via THRON Player.
  • Content Performance update: for a better performance and response timing of the Content Performance dashboard, time interval now only allows to filter up to 30 days before/after the execution of the selected Call To Action.
  • “Account & Billing” area update: The appearance of the "Account and Billing" section has been updated according to the solutions introduced by the new business model. It will be possible to view the currently active solutions and the consumption in the current month for each one of them.
  • Tracking of content thumbnail: Interactions with content thumbnails included via public/thumbnail web service can now be tracked using automatic content tracking via css class ("tci_impression_load_click").
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