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We have introduced some new features for sorting the content list within folders and for managing the content creation date.

These new features allow a quick retrieval of content thanks to new filtering opportunities.

Here are the new features introduced in the content list:




  1. In the filters area you can choose how to sort content. Available sorting modes are:
    1. Last update: newest first (default)
    2. Last update: oldest first
    3. Creation: newest first
    4. Creation: oldest first
  2. The selected sorting mode will display the corresponding timestamp for each content within the list.

NOTE: The sorting feature is only available for those customers who are currently using the new Intelligent Search Engine.


After a search, the list is always sorted by relevance and sorting cannot be changed:




In the content edit space, the basic information have been reorganized in order to introduce the "Last update" and "Creation date" fields. The latter can be modified by users who have the right to write on the content; in this way it will be possible, for example, to associate the date of execution of a photo shoot as the date of creation rather than that of its upload; or to pre-date the creation date of content after their import from an external source.




Updating the creation date can also be carried out for a selection of content by means of the quick action. In this case, the time will be automatically set for all the content at 00:00 of the new selected date.


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