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 If you are coming from THRON versions prior to 6.4.1:

The activation of this feature is not reversible and implies the mandatory insertion of a new password for all users.

The new password must comply with the parameters set out in the password policy or it will not be possible to access THRON Dashboard or use the login services provided by THRON.

Users who access THRON Dashboard will be automatically guided in the creation of the new password through a wizard.

In the case of integrations that use the login services provided by THRON or that use the login widget included in Widget Framework, please contact our Customer Service in advance.


THRON offers the possibility to configure your own internal password policy and ensure that it complies with the safety and validity requirements adopted by the company.

The management of the password policy is under the responsibility of the system administrators, who can access the relative section through the following path:
Main Menu > Platform Settings > Security Settings.




This screen contains all the parameters for configuring the internal password policy. The default is the one shown below:




NOTE: Changing the current password policy and saving it will reset the passwords of all DAM users, whose session will be terminated and who will have to set a new password that respects the new policy.


Manual reset of users password


In order to manually reset users password, Administrators must reach their passport via Main Menu > Users




Once inside the user's profile they will find the "Manage Password" button that allows them to proceed in three modes:

  • Send activation email: This triggers the automatic sending of an email to the user, in which he will find a link to start the procedure for entering the new password.
  • Obtain activation link: This generates a link that can be shared directly with the user: this link starts the procedure of entering the new password.
  • Edit: In this mode the administrator will have to manually enter the new password of the user, respecting the constraints imposed by the password policy in use.




  • All the administrators will receive an e-mail notification each time the internal password policy is changed.
  • All users whose password is expiring will see a specific banner on the Dashboard starting from three days before the expiration date. From that banner they can start the procedure for entering the new password.
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