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THRON has just released its connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the leading B2B and B2C e-commerce platform that provides customers with complete e-commerce experiences. 


With THRON – Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector you can import your product catalog directly from your PIM, automatically and at the best performance of distribution. 

  • No duplications of product information or associated assets: Salesforce receives products and content directly from THRON, that acts as your “single source of truth”. You do not need to upload any information to Salesforce. 
  • Seamless integration among your systems: product information flows are perfectly integrated, from ERP to PIM to your e-commerce. 
  • Distribution at its best: take advantage of the power of centralized distribution and THRON Universal Player. You can enrich your product sheets with all kind of content and they will be automatically updated within your e-commerce. 


How it works. 

THRON – Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector has been created to integrate THRON PIM with your Salesforce-based e-commerce and free you from the thought of updating your digital catalog. 


Once installed, the connector will feed your e-commerce catalog with your products through an automated procedure. Moreover, Salesforce will check periodically if new finalized products have been uploaded into THRON PIM in order to automatically update your e-commerce. 


Import your catalog in 3 steps! 

  1. Create your product catalog in THRON by integrating it with any data systems, such as ERP and PLM. Organize product information and enrich your product sheets with digital assets. 
  2. Integrate your THRON PIM with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Enter in the SFCC Settings: once the automatic process has been configured, it will import product information directly from THRON. 
  3. Set a timing for the import: the connector will create or update automatically the products in your SFCC catalog with the information coming from THRON. You can also manually generate the import any time you need it. 


The best technology at your service. 

  • Thanks to the centralized delivery, all the assets linked to the online purchase experience will be distributed directly from THRON. THRON Universal Player can manage all kinds of digital content! Pictures, video, playlists, documents, 360° product view: make all your assets available into your e-commerce for a complete product experience. 
  • THRON – Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector has been certified by Salesforce and has been developed in partnership with Astound Commerce, a Salesforce Certified Partner.


Contact us! 

Do you want to know more about THRON – Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector? 

Contact your THRON Consultant or write us at! 


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