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THRON has introduced a new functionality that will enable you to share multiple content with external stakeholders directly from your DAM, without duplicating assets and in unconditional security


Sometimes you may need to share one or more content with people external to your company and enable them to download these assets but – for security reasons – you cannot give them the right to access your THRON platform.  

Imagine you need to… 

  • send a series of assets to a magazine or a newspaper for the publishing of an article; 
  • share one or more pictures with the agency appointed of managing an adv campaign; 
  • share a set of materials, such as documents, presentations, images or other files with external partners or dealers. 


New THRON External Share page gives you the flexibility of sharing your content with your network, avoiding security issues. 

What can you do with THRON External Share page? 

  • Share one or more content at a time or an entire folder with external users, directly from your DAM: no need to use third tools, no risk of duplicating assets or sending the wrong ones! 
  • Comply with your company security policy: recipients will receive a temporized URL and they will enter a dedicated Share page containing only the content you chose, without entering your platform. You can also set a password for additional security. 
  • Create a custom temporary page for your partners: every time you make a sharing, journalists and agencies will receive a URL directing them to a Share page personalized with your logo and company palette. Send a URL directly from THRON via email or get it in case you need to send additional information to your recipients. 
  • Monitor activities on the sharing: go to the new External sharing section of your DAM to see a recap of all the sharing you have created in the last 30 days. From the History section of a sharing, you can check all the actions performed on it. 
  • Define terms and conditions of use for your assets, so journalists and agencies will know in advance what they can or cannot do with them. You recipients will have to accept them in order to see and download content. 

Watch the video to see THRON External Share page in action and read the following Q&A section for detailed information about this new feature!




Q&A Time 

[dropdown: What kind of content can I share?] You can share any kind of content (pictures, video, audio, 360° product images, playlists) and you can include content belonging to different folders in the same sharing. When you select an asset to be included in the sharing, you will not automatically share its linked or enclosed content.[/dropdown] [dropdown:Is there a maximum number of assets I can share?] You can share a maximum of 100 assets in case of manual selection and a maximum of 10.000 assets in case of the sharing of a folder.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:How can I share an entire folder?] As an alternative to multiple content selection, you can choose to share an entire content folder: you just need to flag the box near the name of the folder. Remember that in this case the maximum number of assets is of 10.000. You can share only one folder at a time and you need to have the right to share the assets it contains. The External Share page will not automatically update in case you add or remove one or more files from the folder into your DAM. Remember: in case you decide to share an entire folder, you cannot include assets from other folders in the same sharing.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:Can I add my logo to an External Share page?] Yes, just go to Main Menu > Platform Settings > Sharing pages (Appearance section) and flag “Show company logo”. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:Can I add my Privacy policy?] Yes, just go to Main Menu > Platform Settings > Sharing pages (Appearance section) and insert the link to the privacy policy page in your website in the Privacy policy URL field. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:Are there any restrictions for password setting?]Yes, if you choose to set a password for content access, it must contain a minimum of 4 characters. Remember to send it manually to the recipients. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:How can I see if a specific content has been included in one or more external shares?]You can find this information in the External Shares section of a content Share board: here you find all the Shares (made by you or other users) containing that specific asset, together with other details such as creation date and expiration date (in case you set it).[/dropdown]

[dropdown:How can I see all my external shares?]Click on “External shares” under your inbox folder. This section contains all the external shares created in the last 30 days. Shares expired since more than 30 days will be automatically deleted. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:How can I monitor activities on External shares?]Click on “External shares” under your inbox folder and then on the sharing you are interested in. The History sheet contains all the information about the actions performed on that sharing, such as creation, accepting of terms and conditions by your recipients and content download. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:In case I need to send a more structured message to my recipients, can I generate a link to an External Share page and include it in an e-mail?]Yes, once you have selected a series of assets or a folder and clicked the dedicated icon, choose “Get link”. Then set all the useful options and generate a link for your sharing. Choosing “Send email” you will send the link to the Share page directly from THRON. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:How can I set a precise deadline for the sharing?]Once you are in the Send content window, choose “Custom” as option for “Expiry period” in the Sharing settings section. Then select a date through the calendar. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:Can I postpone or reduce the deadline of the sharing?]Yes, just go to “External Shares” and select the sharing you are interested in. Change the Expiry period in the Details sheet. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:Can recipients download assets? Which formats does External Share page support in this case?]Yes, just be sure to flag “Download” in the Send content window. Once your recipients enter the Share page, they can choose to download a single asset or the entire group. They can choose among the default content formats (and also download the original one) or choose a custom format clicking on “Add format”.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:Can I assign a Context to an External Share page?]Yes, just select a Context among those you have previously created in THRON from the Context section in the Sharing settings.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:I need to send my content to a partner in China. Does THRON External Share page works for China as for other countries?]Yes, just flag the China delivery option in the Sharing settings of the Send content window for a fast and optimized asset sharing with your partners in China. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:I need my recipients to see also tags and metadata associated to the assets I am sharing with them. Is it possible?]Yes, you just need to flag “Complete” for what concerns “Visible content information” in the Sharing settings section. Choose “Minimum” in case you want to show only title and description. Remember: in case you choose the "Complete" option, you will be able to share only tags and metadata belonging to those classifications you have managing rights on.  [/dropdown]

[dropdown:What if I need to specify terms and conditions of content usage?]Flag “Ask recipients to accept the terms and conditions to view the sharing” and insert your conditions. Once your recipients click on your link, a pop-up will show your terms and conditions: they have to accept them to see your content. [/dropdown]

[dropdown:Can I add or remove a content from a sharing that has already been sent?]You can remove an asset from a sharing at any time. Go to “External Shares”, click on the sharing you are interested in and then open the Share board of the content you want to remove. Delete the sharing from the “External Shares” column to remove the content.
In case you need to add one or more content, you need to create a new sharing. Remember: in case you share an entire folder, the External Share page will not automatically update the assets it contains according to what you are doing in THRON. [/dropdown]


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