What's new in THRON 6.4.7

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We are pleased to announce the latest version of THRON!


This new release introduces new filtering capabilities and quick actions on content, which will improve the overall user experience of anyone using the Platform; in addition, product information is now available within the content detail in the DAM. When you add a product code in the content detail, that asset will inherit all the characteristics and attributes of the related product.


This is a fundamental step forward in the unified management of assets and corresponding product information, one that will help you keep your product catalog always up to date and streamline your daily tasks, without having to jump from PIM to DAM. It's a unique feature in the world of content management software!

Here’s the full list of the new features introduced with this release:


Sorting of search results

Now THRON Search Engine lets you decide whether to sort search results by relevance, creation date or last update date (most recent first or oldest first).


This way, you can retrieve the freshest content you have been working on even faster or find that old piece of content which definitely needs updating.



Multiple selection of assets

Have you ever had to perform multiple actions on content located in different folders? Say you want to retrieve all the assets to associate with a new product, or you need to pick one photo from each of your fashion collections to share with your advertising agency:

From now on, everything will be easier.

You can multi-select assets from different folders. From the Smartbar, you can then perform a series of quick actions on the entire set of content, regardless the folder they are published:

  • link one or more products to your content
  • share the selection with other DAM users or groups
  • create a new folder where to place the selected assets
  • add or remove tags
  • create a new playlist
  • add attachments or link other assets
  • download the content
  • delete or edit the content



Products and assets, on the same page

Finally, your assets speak the language of your products! Within the content detail, in the tag area, you will find a whole new section dedicated to products. There you can see the list of all the products associated with that piece of content: you can modify the list at any time.

When you create a link between your products and your assets, they will become immediately searchable not only by product name or product code, but also by each of their features. You need the photos of all your plastic-free products? Just type “plastic-free”!

All without wasting any time: when you associate a product, the asset will automatically inherit all the product’s characteristics. They will appear among the topic tags, though in a different color.



360° Video

Offer your users immersive experiences in a click.

What if they could feel part of a fashion show? Share the emotions of the stage during a concert? Examine the interiors of a car, all while it is running on a circuit?

This is now possible: THRON supports, manages and plays 360° videos.

There is more. When playing a video from mobile, the user can look around the scene by moving their smartphone.

What effort it takes? When you want to publish a 360° video on one of your channels, just copy and paste the embed code and add the “video 360” parameter set as true. Easy, isn’t it?



New APIs for Intelligent PIM

Find the products you are looking for among thousands of others, and perform actions way faster. Sounds like a dream? Not anymore, thanks to two new APIs.

You can retrieve the exact product you need faster than ever. When looking for a product, the search engine will now search in title, code, description, characteristics, and then sort the results by relevance.

And since saved time is never too much, this other API will let you perform the same action on a selection of products (e.g. adding a characteristic to all of them at once).

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