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The preliminary step for the creation of a 360° Product View content is to have uploaded the individual shots to THRON. Each 360° Product View content supports up to 500 shots, however to make sure that the content and therefore the page on which it is hosted load faster, we recommend to contain the number of shots used, a good practice is to use about 75 shots, which correspond to one shot every 5° of rotation. Another best practice is that to avoid png with transparent background unless strictly necessary since it will make the content load slower.

The single shots must be uploaded as individual images, following the procedure described in this article. After uploading them, make sure to save the xcontentId of the single shots, which will be used to create the 360° Product View content.

The webservice to be used to create such content is the insert.




In order to publish content within THRON the following conditions must be complied:

  • A business user must be used, and it needs the appropriate permission (it can be configured in THRON Passport) to upload new content; therefore its credentials must be used (username and password must be used to perform login and obtain a valid token); a THRON application may be used to upload content, but only through SU (also known as “sudo” or “superuser”) web service which allows it to impersonate a business user (usually the owner of the application).

  • The file to load must not exceed the maximum allowed size defined in the Platform Limits article.

  • In case you want to publish the content into a public folder you must have the permission to do so (Passport) and the proper right to write into that specific folder; you must also know the folder ID. Otherwise the content will be published exclusively within the private folder of the user who is publishing it.


The url of the request is structured as follows:



Parameters which have to be included among the headers of the request are:

  • X-TOKENID: a valid platform token related to a user or an application with required access rights.

Here's a sample body to be included in the POST request:


	"param": {
		"contentOpt": {
			"basicInfoByLocale": [{
				"locale": "EN",
				"name": "<the content's title here>"
			"initAllLocales": false,
			"owner": "<the owner's name here>",
			"properties": ["UNLINKABLE"]
		"contentType": "PLAYLIST",
		"playlistOpt": {
			"template": "PRODUCT_VIEW",
			"xcontentIds": [<the array of all the xcontentIds of the single shots>]

Make sure to provide the xcontentIds in the correct order to render the animation properly, alternatively you can change the order in the content's Edit Space via THRON Dashboard.

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