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If you plan to recommend content via THRON Universal Player you must first create a configuration of Predictive Content Recommendation and make sure to select  the "Player" type. Once the configuration has been created, make sure to take note of the appId  which can be found next to the name of the application, right after saving. 

Once you have retrieved the ID of the application, you can make sure to enable content recommendation by including the following parameters in your embed code:

  • pcrAppId: the ID of the configuration that you previously retrieved,
  • pcrOptions: an object containing additional parameters to customize recommendation's behavior:
    • mode: string, the activation mode for the recommendation, available values are:
      • "LIGHT": unintrusive small popup, appears after X seconds of inactivity;
      • "FULL": fullscreen overlay, appears at the end of content playback;
    • trigger: string, it controls when the recommendation appears, available values are:
      • "INACTIVITY": after X seconds of user inactivity (default for images, do not use this with video/audio since it may interrupt content playback)
      • "AFTER_EACH": specific for playlists, after each content is shown (images) or finishes reproducing (audio/video)
      • "AFTER_ALL": specific for playlists, after the last content is shown (images) or finishes reproducing (audio/video)
    • delay: number, the number of milliseconds of delay before the recommendation is shown (defaults are: 5 seconds for images 0 for other content types)
    • autoAdvanceDelay: number, ignored for "LIGHT" mode; the number of milliseconds  for full mode to advance to the next content
    • position: object, ignored for "FULL" mode; it allows to control the position of "LIGHT" popup manually:
      • bottom: number of pixels from the bottom edge of the Player
      • right: number of pixels from the right edge of the Player

Here's an example:

<div id="elementId"></div>
var params = {
     sessId: "<a sessId here>",
     xcontentId: "<an xcontentId here>",
    clientId: "<your clientId here>",
     pcrAppId: "<your pcrAppId here>",
     pcrOptions: {
        mode: "FULL",
         trigger: "complete",
         delay: 0,
         autoAdvanceDelay: 10000
 window.player = THRONContentExperience("elementId", params);
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