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We are pleased to announce that THRON has been upgraded to its version number 6.2!

This update focuses mainly on bringing even more agility to workflow management and in reducing the time it takes in organizing folders and content.

Here is a list of the news introduced:


Move and remove folders

Now you can reorganize your entire workflow by moving folders within different nodes. Using drag and drop or via API you can choose to reposition a single folder or a whole set. This action rewrites the content access rights according to the settings in the new destination folder. In addition, the removal of folders has also been simplified: you no longer need to manually empty a folder before removing it, THRON will automatically take care of that for you. More information on how to move folders via API can be found in this article.


Quick access to applications

To speed up the management of the extensions and connectors involved in your workflows, the access to their administration panel has been simplified. You will no longer need to go to the "Extensions and Connectors" area of the Dashboard to do so, just click on the specific folder, and through its access list click on the icon related to the application you want to manage.


New quick actions

To speed up content management, a new checkbox has been introduced within folders, that allows you to select all content without having to load the entire list first.
This allows you to perform some quick actions on the selection, including moving, removing, or downloading content. The same actions of moving from a folder and removing from the folder have now been added to the Smartbar.
Another quick action that has been introduced is the possibility of modifying the title and description for all the content of the selection; in this way it will be much easier to reorganize all the content that refer to a specific event or a specific campaign.
Finally, from today you can share with your colleagues the url of a specific folder, thus allowing them to quickly access the content in it. The structure of the url will be of the type:



Choose your preferred language

Within the preferences in each user's profile (Passport), a setting has been added that allows you to select your preferred language.
Depending on the language set in this preference, the user will be able to read and search all the basic content information, tag labels and metadata in that specific language (provided they have been specified in that language).
This language will also be used to generate reports from exports made via Content Analytics dashboard.


Other updates

  • New UI for folders management: The button for the management of a specific folder has been repositioned directly in the folder navigation menu (left column) so that it can always be visible without having to first click on the specific folder. Together with the button to access its management, you will also find the button for moving it and the button for removing it (if the user has the rights to do so). Here's how it will look like:


  • New UI for Collaboration Center: the user experience of the Collaboration Center has been redesigned to provide clear visual feedback when there is no connection with the chat server. The user will now see a dedicated banner (or a specific icon if the Collaboration Center is hidden) that will illustrate automatic reconnection attempts.
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