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We are proud to announce that we have finally released a new major update of our Dashboard which introduces a series of essential features thought for facilitating and accelerating the operation of content editors working with THRON. This major update makes THRON the fastest DAM on the market, let's have a look at what has been introduced:

Content versioning: 

To accelerate and facilitate the editors operation within THRON Dashboard we have finally introduced a content versioning feature. Thanks to a whole new interface you will be able to perform the following actions with just a single click:

  1. Switch back to a previous content version: select a previous version of the content which has to go public and the content will be automatically updated on any channel.
  2. Access versions history in order to check what has changed in time; for each version you will be able to see the date of the version and the user who created it.
  3. Provide a short note for each version in order to let other users know exactly what is changed, in order to ease collaboration between different teams and personnel.

Further information on how to obtain the list of versions and how to download a specific content's version can be found in this article.


THRON Multimedia Proxy:

We have finally released a whole new application to be deployed and configured within intranets, improving and optimizing Internet bandwidth consumption for the internal use of multimedia contents (both live and on demand) which are served to different clients: desktops, Digital Signage terminals (e.g. totems or displays), in store radios, mobile devices and tablets.

By adopting THRON Multimedia Proxy all connections can be optimized in order to use bandwidth required for the playback of a single stream and/or file download. All subsequent requests will be distributed from the local network. 

More information can be found here.


Multiple download:

We introduced the possibility for users with proper access rights to download a multiple selection of content. Through the appropriate button available in the Dashboard's Smartbar, users will be able to generate a zip archive containing all the content of the selection which will be saved on their device. API related to the multiple download of selected content can be found on our Developer Center. More information can be found here.


ExternalId on content:

Now you can associate to each content up to 100 external unique identifiers. These unique identifiers can be used to map assets with the information coming from external systems; you can then use these identifiers within the THRON APIs to make your searches even faster. API for linking externalIds on specific content can be found in our Developer Center. More information can be found here.


Recommend content via API:

We have made available the web service that allows you to get the proper content to be recommended to specific contact according to its interests. Thanks to this service you will be able to create your own personal recommendation. More information is available in this article.


Quick actions:

We have introduced a series of icons that allow you to reach specific content's interfaces with just one click: edit, tags, shareboard, history, intelligence, image editor or download. According to the actions that users perform more frequently, each one will be able to configure up to four icons which will be displayed on mouse over the thumbnail of the content in the home.

To set up your list of icons reach the profile menu in the upper right corner by clicking on your avatar.


New content detail interface:

We have entirely redesigned the content interfaces. Now clicking on a thumbnail from the home will open a big preview of the content, displaying just the player and some collapsible information.

In order to edit the content, simply click on the "Edit" icon. In the new edit window you will find, in addition to all the content's basic information below the player, all the available configurations such as versioning, thumbnail, attachments and linked content in the accordion column on the right.

Even shareboard, history and intelligence have been re-disgned to match the new Dashboard style.


For developers and integrators: our Java libraries have been updated with the new features illustrated above and with other improvements. Have a look at our repositories on Maven and GitHub. For a complete list of all the new characteristics of this version, go the Release Notes in our Developer Center.


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