How can you track activities when content is delivered through the CDN?

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Downloads can be traced exploiting the system audit of THRON: this is obtained by assuring that in all the contexts where you make your content downloadable, this content is accessed and download using the token of the actual user you want to trace.

Other kind of activities on contents are traced both via the system audit mentioned above (which works on THRON users only) and, especially, the Content Strategy tracking library (natively integrated in the THRON player) which allows us to collect visualization statistics on delivered contents (for both THRON users and contacts). In addition, in the integrated channel context, you can exploit the THRON API to add TAG  on entities (i.e., both contents and users / contacts) up to given call to action / events performed in your channels: e.g., filling a form, major visualization of content A or B, ... 

Please, note that the last kind of “activity tracing” de facto allows you to implement your personalized customer journey and enabling your contents to be “actionable” (i.e., carrying those information needed to exploit user-oriented automatisms, that technically speaking you can translate into paradigms / rules similar to the following one: “since user X has tag A, B, once I identify it in one of my channel I will provide to him content C ”.

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