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We are proud to announce that we have recently deployed a new release of our solution, version 5.1.5. This new release includes some very interesting new features as well as some marked improvements that you won’t want to miss. Let's have a quick overview: 


Automatic impression, click and view event support

We have updated our tracking library by adding a very important feature for the proper tracking of images and thumbnails in your projects. Typically, when an image is included into a webpage, this might have different types of interactions with the user who is visiting that very same page: one thing is an image which is just appearing on its screen due to the fact that the user is scrolling the page, another thing is an image which is fix on screen for a certain amount of time (which gives a pretty high confidence that the user has actually seen the image), and one other thing is an image which has been clicked by the user, which is an intentional action. Those three events MUST have different "weights" in terms of tracking. That's what this update is about. The library will now give you all the instruments to track this three different kind of interactions with images.


THRON becomes more aware of the different levels of interest that each user express when consuming image content. Tracking library now allows to manage:
  • impression: the event is registered when at least 1/3 of the image is visible on screen.
  • load: the event is registred when the user spent a certain amount of time (configurable at will) with at least 1/3 of the image visible on screen.
  • click: the event is registered when a user clicks on the image to trigger some action.

These events allow behavioural tracking to be even more efficient and improve overall results.

Moreover, we have dramatically simplified the inclusion of thumbnails to be tracked into your projects: from now on you will just have to include a simple css inline rule to your <img> tag in order to make that image "trackable" by THRON library.


For example: 


[code]<img srg=“https://[clientId]-view.thron.com/api/xcontents/resources/delivery/getThumbnail/[clientId]/[divArea]/[contentId]?scalemode=auto&quality=100” class=“tci_impression_load”>[/code]


will not just embed the image, but it will also instruct THRON to track image related events automatically!

All the information can be found in this article.


New THRON Player experience

We have updated THRON player to make that in HTML5 the default experience for users. Simultaneously, the player has been optimized in order to handle the transcoded channels of content more efficiently.


High performance web services for database synchronization

We have released two new APIs for database synchronization. Thanks to these web services you will be able to have the state-of-the-art of your THRON assets, in order to keep coherence with any other company system you are using.

The first sync web service is the export, it can be used for a first integration with THRON assets: it basically returns all content matching certain criteria (content type, folders). It’s main usecase is cold startup of import or sync procedures when you need to extract a full starting dataset. 

The other sync web service is the updatedContent, it can be used to obtain the list of content which have been modified within a specific date range. This service is a big improvement over the previous “JSYNC” service in terms of performance and pagination: pages are 200 elements long and browsing throug pages has been removed to provide maximum performance for synchronisation tasks.

Further information on how to use these APIs can be found here.

For integration purposes, these APIs can be invoked by THRON Custom Application Manager.


New quick action to make a content downloadable

We have introduced a new quick action available on THRON Dashboard during content upload (whether if it is a single upload or a multi upload): thanks to this action you will be able to make a content automatically downloadable by your co-workers right from the upload interface.


For developers and integrators: our Java libraries have been updated with the new features illustrated above and with other improvements. Have a look at our repositories on Maven and GitHub. For a complete list of all the new characteristics of this version, go the Release Notes in our Developer Center.

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