How does THRON collect behavioral information from social media channels?

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THRON collects behavioral information in two different ways:

  • through THRON player
  • through THRON tracking library.

THRON tracking library is the best solution for proprietary channels like websites and blogs, where the company has the control over the source of the page.

Tracking library is just a .js file to be included in the page in a similar approach of those adopted by Google Analytics.

THRON player can be used in those channels where the company has no control over the html code.
As for social networks there are two different categories:

  • Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks where you can embed your player
  • Youtube, slideshare, pinterest: closed environment with no support for any external influence

Facebook fully supports behavior tracking when users open content:

  • video timeline playback using THRON player
  • click on content for other content types (using "share pages”)

It’s important to note that any existing tool used to monitor social behavior of users (or any other tool that has customer data such as CRM, Marketing Automation, etc) can be integrated into THRON, enriching THRON contact profile.

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