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We are very proud to announce that we have recently deployed a minor release of our solution, version 5.1.4. This new release includes a number of new features as well as some marked improvements to the platform.
Some of the new characteristics & features of THRON 5.1.4: 

Easier, improved web services for content management


We have introduced a class of new web services for content management which aim to simplify the ordinary workflow, from content creation to thumbnail update, up to its removal from platform: JContent. The new class of web services can be found here. Among all, the most important news involve the following web services:
  • insert: combines all content publishing activities in a single api request, available for any content type. This new service has been designed leveraging system integrators input, especially when managing bulk import of assets. It allows, for a given content type, to provide original file source (S3, FTP, THRON repository, HTTP URL or raw data) as well as to disable notifications during the import process. It also prevents to have multiple webservice calls to set different languages, publishing to folders and author set-up. More information can be found here.
  • updateThumbnail: a new web service for content thumbnail replacement. You will be able to set a new thumbnail by selecting the source: THRON repository, FTP, web, S3, raw data or video frame (for VIDEO content type). Please be aware that, in order to avoid confusion, THRON now prevents users from creating IMAGE content that have different source and thumbnail files. If you wish to edit the thumbnail of an image you should use the Real-Time Image Editor getThumbnail api. More information can be found here.

Other new web services in the Content class:

  • downloadSource: a new web service for downloading the source file of a specific content which can only invoked by those users having the "share" access right on the content.
  • updateSource: a new web service for replacing the source file of a specific content, relaunching the transcoding process and the semantic analysis
  • trash: new web service for moving a set of content into trash, removing their linkedCategories and their ACL. Such content can be retrieved at any time until trash is emptied.
  • untrash: new web service for retrieving a set of content from trash. It is possible to determine the specific user which will inherit such content after retrieval.
  • remove: new web service for permanently deleting a content from platform.

Business Model UX Adjustments


We simplified THRON Business Model to allow easier access to features. You can now enable THRON modules such as Omnichannel DAM, Content Marketing, Sales Insights and Customer Experience from Marketplace in a self-service way. 

  • THRON Omnichannel DAM: the module that permits to avoid channel duplication & inefficiencies centralizing all Digital Assets in a single place.
  • THRON Content Marketing: the module which can be use to improve Content Strategy, to help Product Management Team to analyze Customer Needs, and for Company Management to know the real Company Audience Interests.
  • THRON Sales Insights: the module which can be use to support Sales Staff: Shop Assistance,Dealers, Sales Account, Inside Sales. It can be integrate ad a special “view” integrable on Company CRM, or on on-line chat system. It can be also used by HR Department to evaluate employees access to Company Information e Learning Materials.
  • THRON Customer Experience: the module that permits to accelerate conversions with Smart Content. THRON avoids the need to create customer segmentation to offer users a personalized experience and consistent call-to-actions. THRON analyses user behaviour based on relevant topics and content usage to predict the best smart content to recommend for each user.


You can visit Marketplace for information on these new modules.

Along with these new applications we have modified the set of users’ Permissions which control access to the relative sections: Content Intelligence, User Intelligence, Single Customer View, Analytics and Dashboard, Platform. Take a look at this article to see what's changed.

For developers and integrators: our Java libraries have been updated with the new features illustrated above and with other improvements. Have a look at our repositories on Maven and GitHub. For a complete list of all the new characteristics of this version, go the Release Notes in our Developer Center.

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