How is the content name set during its creation?

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We can have multiple scenarios, each one has a different outcome so we are going to analyze each one of them, according to how content is created: via Dashboard or via web services (e.g.: publishinweeboexpress/publishImage).


Case 1: Content created via Dashboard
Content name will be set automatically only for the current language (IT if Dashboard is in Italian, EN if Dashboard is in English). Any other language must be set manually. By default, content's name is the source file name without extension (e.g.: source file name: "home.jpg" -> content name: "home")

Case 2: content created via WS with a specific locale set but without setting the initAllLocales parameter:
Content name will be set for any available language, independently from the language set in the locale parameter.

Case 3: content created via WS with a specific locale set and with the initAllLocales parameter set to false:
Content name will be set only for the language specified in the locale parameter. If you provide an unavailable language, the service will return an exception.

Case 4: content created via WS with a specific locale set and with the initAllLocales parameter set to true:
Content name will be set on any available language, regardless the one which has been set in the locale parameter. Same as case 2.

Note: Web services allow you to set either just one or any language. If you wish to set different names for different languages you will have to publish the content for one language first (case 3), and then use the addContent4Locale request to specify additional languages. Further information can be found in this article.

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