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Since the main goal of THRON Platform is to allow you to maximize the value of your content and create a personalized omni-channel communication with your end users, it is crucial for your business to identify the interests of your end users, including the anonymous one. This approach becomes very important, especially when considering integration with Marketing Automation Systems, which typically do not gather relevant information on anonymous contacts, but only for already profiled ones. THRON will perfectly integrate with such systems allowing you to track interactions of contacts even before they have been profiled, allowing you to build an accurate engaging strategy.

In this brief article we are going to show you how to achieve this goal with a few simple expedients. To do so let's consider this example: let's suppose that in your website you have an UGC campaign where users are able to anonymously upload images; in particular, during the upload they have to fill a simple form to express their favorite topics (e.g., a multiple checkboxes form). This simple interaction will allow you to track the device from where the user is uploading the file and "mark" it with the relative tags in order to identify its interests.


So basically the steps to follow are:


1. Set your platform with the proper taxonomy.


Let's suppose users will find a form such as this one:


 I am interested in these topics:  Nature


Hence you will have to make sure your TOPIC classification has the following tags: nature, food, travel.


2. Include the Tracking Library


Tracking library must be included in the <head> of your page, as illustrated in this article.


3. Retrieve contact information


Invoke the following method in order to retrieve the contactId of the user, which corresponds to an anonymous contact:


Where clientId is the domain name used to access your THRON. You will get a deviceId and a contactId which, if the user is anonymous (meaning it is the first time that device is connecting to THRON), will report the same value.


4. Tag contact


Once the preference has been expressed by the user via the form, you will have to invoke an insert request in order to tag such contact, filling the following body with proper information:

    "target": {
        "id": "",
        "entityType": ""

More specifically: "id" is the contactId you previously retrieved. Request headers are:

  • clientId: the domain name used to access THRON, usually your company name.
  • classificationId: the ID of the TOPIC classification.
  • itagId: the prettyId of the tag representing the interest expressed by the user (e.g., "nature").

Further information on how to link a tag to a specific entity can be found in this article, while detailed instructions on how to use the tracking library can be found here.


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