How to map concepts coming from third-party systems

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Typically, companies make use of a multiplicity of instruments which are capable of describing main characteristics of users or content: think for example of a CRM or an ERP; they have a series of relevant information such as a gender of a user, its age, the characteristic of a specific product. All these information in THRON are represented by tags.

Since these concepts are crucial for the business, THRON offers the chance to create a 1 to 1 mapping between these concepts and the tags of THRON Classifications by means of externalIds.

An externalId is a key-value pair which uniquely identifies a specific tag (e.g.: "CRM - Hubspot"). Such externalId can be used to search tags (with an itagdefinition/list request) by providing the exact pair key - value.


How to add an externalId

The specific web services that must be invoked in order to add an externalId to a specific tag is addExternalId which is included in the itagdefinition package of xintelligence. Such web service can be invoked only by classification managers.

The url of the request is structured as follows:



  • clientId: the domain name used to access THRON, usually your company name.
  • classificationId: the id of the classification where the tag is defined.
  • id: the id or prettyId of the tag.


In the body of the request you can paste the following JSON, filling required parameters:

    "externalId": {
        "key": "",
        "value": ""
  • On the "key":
    • it can not contain §/$&#<>"?*:\|
    • it can not contain spaces
    • max length = 50
    • it must contain only lowercase characters
  • On the "value":
    • max length = 100


There is a specific web service that must be invoked in order to remove an externalId which is removeExternalId.

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