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We recently published some new articles that might catch the interest of developers and integrators using THRON within their projects. Such articles have been written to offer insights and guidelines useful for creating effective integrations by means of the available best practices whose goal is to improve contacts profiling and optimize content distribution.

  1. From anonymous to profiled contacts: an in depth analysis on how contacts accessing your content can turn from "anonymous" to "profiled", thanks to a collection of relevant information provided by means of a "call-to-action".
  2. How to track available content types in your projects: a series of guidelines on how to include THRON content within your projects, according to their type, making sure everything is set in order to record access and trigger Content Strategy.
  3. How to exploit Facebook data to refine contact profiling: a handful tutorial on how to create an integration between Facebook login and THRON. Thanks to this procedure you will be able to enrich your contacts by adding relevant information coming from their Facebook profile: age, gender, country, e-mail, etc.
  4. How to join tags: handful guidelines on how to combine tags in order to match multiple concepts into a unique one which is relevant for your business. After this action, visits made on content associated to any tag of the combination will be taken into account for each other tag. This operation can be reverted at any time.


We remind you that access to these articles is protected by username and password, we invite you to register to our Support Portal in order to gain access to all the available "Resources".

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