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We are very proud to announce that we have recently deployed a minor release of our solution, version 5.1.2. This new release includes a number of new features as well as some marked improvements to the platform.


Some of the new characteristics & features of THRON 5.1.2 you won’t want to miss: 


PNG and GIF support with transparent background: transparent background of uploaded images will be preserved during the transcoding process (PNG and GIF are supported formats), enabling you to use THRON content in your websites/apps and allow your beautiful background to always be visible.


Join tags allows you to train THRON’s semantic engine to apply the tags referring to the concepts you care about. It can also be very useful when restructuring tag trees, when simplifying tag trees and grouping tags together.

This new functionality allows you to perform the following actions on tags:

  • combine: a reversible action that allows you to join 2 tags together, in order to “test” the result. This action can be reverted thanks to the divide
  • divide: this action reverts the combine action. It brings back the tag and all related metadata to their initial state.

More information can be found in this article.


Easier tag integration with 3rd party systems Integrating tags from 3rd party systems is now as efficient as ever, THRON allows integrators to add 3rd party identification (ExternalIDs) to tag definitions. This saves time and infrastructure investment when developing integrations since developers no longer need to keep a local DB to sync THRON tags to 3rd party system ones. New available web services to manage externalIds are: addExternalId, removeExternalId and listExternalIds


Improved player API THRON’s player is now even easier to integrate. The new player API allows JS developers to prevent user behavior tracking (useful for background contents), linked content navigation, full screen API and much more. Check this article for further details details. 


Intelligence New permission "Can create new tags" which allows users to create tags within a specific classification without being manager of such classification. Those tags will be created as "not organized".


Download source The download of the source file related to a content now only requires the share access right. See this article for more information. 


Analytics Within the Analytics you will be now able to see the preview of the most visited content.


Furthermore, we have improved Dashboard experience by introducing some facilities which will allow you to perform specific actions with just a few clicks. More specifically:


  • Multi-content tagging You can now select multiple content and tag with even more ease. Just select contents with the usual checkbox and use the “manage tags” button in the SmartBar to tag multiple assets at once.
  • Quick content actionsNow you can quickly access content editing or content tagging right from the content list. Just use the new icon buttons that appear on each asset in the updated console. Accordingly, we also moved the download file button from the “Edit mode” to the “View mode”. Downloading file will also prompt you with different available versions of the file, if you have the proper access rights. 


There are some new interesting features on native mobile applications too! Here's what's new:


  • Wall view: the mobile application now supports a “wall view” of content, showing bigger thumbnails and buttons to quickly edit, tag or share content.
  • Photogallery upload: you can upload multiple photos at once when adding content. This allows you to automatically create a playlist.
  • Share content on chats: you can now share your content with your colleagues directly from your chats.
  • Create embeds and links: From mobile Shareboard you are now finally able to create new embed codes and share links to your content


For developers and integrators: our Java libraries have been updated with the new features illustrated above and with other improvements. Have a look at our repositories on Maven and GitHub. For a complete list of all the new characteristics of this version, go the Release Notes in our Developer Center.

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