THRON Player has been updated

We are proud to announce that THRON Player has been updated, not only increasing its performance and reliability, but also re-designing its methods and events in order to make it easier to integrate it with any project.

Moreover, some very interesting features have been introduced, such as:

  • Advertising: thanks to integration with IMA SDK Library by Google, THRON Player now supports advertising. Take a look here for a whole compatibility list.
  • No-skin image gallery: When embedding a single image or an image gallery, if you set "noSkin" parameter to true you will be able to exploit this new template which grants you:
    • Simple skin: only image and controls.
    • Smart tracking: Image's visualization will be recorded only if the users stays still for a few seconds looking at it.
    • Fast navigation.
  • New "hls" parameter: You can now set this parameter in your embed code in order to force HTTP Live Streaming technology.


For an in-depth analysis of these new features we recommend you to have a look at the following articles:

All the documentation related to the new THRON Player can be found at this address.

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