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Content replace policy

A content shared on any available social network can't be edited by the Social Connector itself. The application will remove the old post and publish a new one. By doing this, all the interaction (likes, replies, retweets, comments, reposts, etc.) gained so far by the post will be lost. Within the application console you can manually choose if this has to be default behavior, otherwise content edited on THRON won't trigger any action on social networks.


Content remove policy

Removing from THRON a content that has been published on social networks via Social Connector application, won't result in post deletion. Each post related to deleted content will have to be manually removed from each social network's timeline.


Host personalization

The host name that will be displayed on posts published by the Social Connector can be customized within the application console. This action will trigger a request towards our technical support which will contact your system administrator in order to set up a personalized hostname for your shares.


Template customization

In addition to the integrated editor which allows you to customize the template of your sharing pages, you can provide a highly customized HTML page that will be used for all your shares. For any further information, feel free to contact please contact our technical support.

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