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We are very proud to announce that we have recently deployed a major release of our solution, version 5.1. This new release includes a number of new features as well as some important improvements. 

Some of the new characteristics & features of THRON 5.1 you won’t want to miss: 


Access Rights 

We have completely re-defined the access rights structure of the folders. We have introduced separated management for access rights regarding the content published within folders and access rights regarding the actual folders themselves. This new management process enables better control of workflow: now you are able to define different access rights on subfolders, meaning that you might have a "Marketing" folder which is only visible to the Marketing team and also a "Public" subfolder visible to the entire company. This will allow you to establish better workflow management, as users will be able to publish content within a folder without necessarily seeing or “accessing” all the content that is published within that folder. For a complete understanding of this new organization, please take a look at this article. 


Tracking Library

We have introduced a new method within our Tracking Library (_ta.getContactInformation) which allows you to obtain the contactId and deviceId of the contact at any time. This is particularly useful for integrations and user profiling when the player is not involved. More information on how to integrate tracking library can be found in this article.


Predictive Content Recommendation

We have released a new application specifically built to leverage THRON user and content profiling in order to suggest content to users with great accuracy. This application, once installed on a specific folder, will start processing data collected on contacts' behavior, and thanks to smart embeddable tools (a content wall or a content list) can suggest content to users based on their interests and on their behavior. More information can be found here.


getThumbnail & Real-time Image Editor

We have updated the getThumbnail web service introducing some new exclusive features for thumbnail extraction. More specifically, this service provides the thumbnail of a given content with the desired resolution, quality and crop. THRON can now automatically process the highest available quality image to apply cropping and resize algorithms that match your request at its best.


This service will be integrated within Real Time Image Editor: another new THRON application which allows you to obtain the best required thumbnail with just a few clicks. If the application is active, you will be able to use the "auto" mode on the getThumbnail web service, which will automatically perform smart cropping and resizing of the provided image to fit the required area while preserving the image's main subject (focal point).  


Single Customer View

We have introduced a dynamic new feature, the Single Customer View: a new Intelligence section which allows you to monitor and analyze the behavior of every single contact. More information can be found in this article.

We have introduced a new web service to change the type of a specific metadata. This action can be performed only if such metadata is not linked to any specific entity (contact or content). You can try this web service on our Developer Center


Other new dashboard features you might be interested in:

  • Applications' shortcuts are now included in the main top horizontal menu: with just a single click you will be able to open the Management Console of your applications; such shortcuts can be configured and ordered from the Profile Panel in the Dashboard Menu.
  • Collaboration Center has now a whole new usability: you are able to chat with your colleagues and partners from anywhere on the THRON platform; moreover, the Collaboration Center can be hidden in order to expand visible screen area, you will still get desktop notifications, badges and sound alerts, so you will miss any message.


For developers and integrators: our Java libraries have been updated with the new features illustrated above and with other improvements. Have a look at our repositories on Maven and GitHub.

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