How to publish a content within a specific folder

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In order to publish a content within a specific folder, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • A business user must be used, and it needs the appropriate permission (permission can be configured in THRON Passport) to publish content within folders, he will also need to have the "share" access right on the content and the right to manage the specific folder; therefore its credentials must be used (username and password must be used to perform login and obtain a valid token); a THRON application may be used to upload content, but only through SU (also known as “sudo” or “superuser”) web service which allows it to impersonate a business user (usually the owner of the application)
  • You must also know the folder ID which can be retrieved via a findByProperties2 request


Link a content to a folder


The specific web service that must be used in order to link a specific content to a specific folder is link which is included in the contentcategory package of xcontent. Specific parameters that must be included among the request headers are:

  • clientId: it is the domain name used to access THRON, ususally your company name.
  • x-tokenId: a valid token related to a user with share right on content and with the right to publish/remove content from the folder.

The body of the request is structured as follows:


  "categoryId": "",
  "items": {
    "ids": [
  "silentMode": false


In the moment you publish a content within a folder, all users accessing such folder will be properly notified both via e-mail (if they have enabled e-mail notification and folder subscription) and via collaboration center.

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