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Most of the companies have their own password policy and identity management system, establishing some rules and proven processes that need to be respected. This is the main reason why Active Directory Connector has been developed.



It is a powerful tool that allows companies to be compliant with their internal policies while having their entire organization (or even just a specific part of it) replicated in THRON, preserving user roles and credentials. Thanks to the central administration of registries favored by this connector, you can maintain a single point of control for all enterprise projects (eg. Portal intranet, extranet for suppliers etc.).



Through the LDAP universal protocol, Active Directory Connector allows you to synchronize identities and information from the company directory database to THRON “Users” section creating or modifying the equivalent users. You can either choose the groups to sync or even define a set of parameters to filter only a specific subset of users. Synched users will have their own "Passport" locked, meaning they will not be able to change their personal information and password. The synchronization process is a "Batch" process whose frequency is entirely customizable. Once users have been created in THRON, the authentication requests will anyway pass through the Active Directory, in order to certify the identities. It will be even possible to use a "Trust" system, in order to allow users who are already authenticated to your company domain to access THRON via SSO.


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