How to create a UGC workflow

With THRON you can easily deliver workflow UGC with the following benefits:

  • simple multi-type content upload management
  • built-in content moderation and rating system
  • content upload on the go via native mobile application



[dropdown:Content Moderation]When planning to integrate with THRON to build a UGC application, the first thing to do is to set a category tree which is going to be used to handle the approval process of the content coming from your end-users. You will have to create the following folder tree:

  • A main folder (root)
    • A subfolder named “Awaiting moderation”
    • A subfolder named “Approved”
    • A subfolder named “Refused”

Instructions on how to manage folder can be found in this article.

Each content uploaded by your end users will be published within the “Awaiting moderation” folder, and it will be moved through Dashboard in the relative folder (Approved or Refused) by moderators. Thanks to this organization, you will be able to deliver only those content which have been published in the “Approved” folder.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:Content upload]You will need to authenticate to THRON platform using a THRON Custom Application Manager in order to be able to perform web services requests which are necessary to retrieve content and deliver it to your end users, as long as to be able to create an upload integration with THRON. Applications are special THRON users which are not identified by a couple username/password, but by an appId and an appkey (optional). Applications can only provided with read access right on content and users; if needed they can impersonate a business user to perform different actions. Further information can be found in this article. Moreover, applications can only operate on a limited context which is represented by the folder tree in which they have been installed. The steps you have to follow in order to complete such integration are:

    1. Install the THRON Custom Application Manager on the main UGC folder
    2. Perform the login using the application’s credentials with the loginApp method

Web services which can be invoked to let users upload content to the “Awaiting moderation” folder are described in this article.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:Content distribution]When the content have been moderated and placed within the relative folder, you will be able to deliver them. A useful application to deliver all your content within a specific folder with just a few clicks (player included) is the Media Center application. If instead, you want to create your own integration, you can use the THRON Custom Application Manager credentials to invoke a findByProperties request, filtering by the folder where the content have been published; detailed instructions on how to perform searches by folder can be found in this article. Once content have been retrieved you will be able to deliver them on your website or application; you can do this by embedding THRON player, which includes all the features to collect data on content access and fuel Content Intelligence; in case of images you can also use the getThumbnail web service to obtain the best available thumbnail given a required resolution, further information in this article. If you do not plan to use THRON player to deliver your content please remember to include the tracking library to collect data and to profile your contacts.[/dropdown]

[dropdown:Native application]A THRON native mobile application is available both for Android and iOS devices. Thanks to this application, your users will be able to upload content on the go, making even more easy to handle a UGC campaigns. Have a look at this video to see how easy it is to leverage the mobile application to upload content on a UGC folder.



[dropdown:Content rating]Thanks to THRON APIs you will also be able to let your users express their appreciation over the content. To do so, you just have to use the insertRating web service using a THRON Custom Application Manager’s credentials; further information can be found on this article. Once content have been voted, you will be also able to retrieve the most voted content to create a list to be displayed on your websites/applications. Instructions are provided in this article.[/dropdown]

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