How can I share the source file of a content to external users?

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One of THRON's aims is to centralize your content, removing duplication and giving you full control to increase your operational efficiency. Since content protection and preservation must be ensured, at this moment you can not share the original file via THRON Dashboard to external users. Allowing the distribution of the original file would make you lose full control over it, making no longer possible to monitor when and by who the content is viewed.


The first method to distribute the source file of a content is using the downloadSource web service, which can be found within the content package of xadmin:


This service must be invoked as a POST and it has one form parameter:

  • tokenId: you will have to use the token of a user with share access right on the content. If you plan to use an application (which has to own the "share" access right on the content) in order to perform this operation, you can do it via loginApp.


and three query parameters:

  • clientId: it is the domain name used to access THRON, usually your company name.
  • xcontentId: the ID of the content whose source file you want to download.
  • saveAs: this is the name you want to give to the source file.
  • versionId: use this version in order to download a specific content version. The versionId can be retrieved by invoking the listVersions web service which is included in the content package of xadmin.


The URL of the downloadSource request is structured as follows:




Filling this URL with required parameters and pasting it into your browser will return you the source file of the content.

Another way to distribute the source file of a content is activating the Download Connector, which is a specific application available in the Marketplace, built to generate public URLs for content's download within a specific folder. Moreover, URL exposed by this connector make the assets publicly available.

This sharing method does not leverage enhanced network performances offered by Virtual Accelerator nor CDN distribution: since the source file is an extremely important asset, it must necessarily be subject to a protection system and is stored internally.

In case of need, multiple content can be downloaded at one time via specific web services. More information can be found in this article.

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