How can I retrieve the thumbnails of a playlist's elements?

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In order to retrieve the thumbnails of a content which is an element of a playlist you will have to do the following steps:

1) First you will have to use the detail web service, which is included within the content package of xcontents, including the xcontentId of the playlist content within the body of the request and setting the "returnLinkedContents" parameter to true: by doing this you will retrieve the xcontentIds of the playlist's elements: you will see them within the response, inside the "linkedContents" parameter; this is an example of a portion of the response:

"linkedContents": [{
        "properties": [

        "id": "<xcontentIdoftheelement>",
        "providers": [

        "locales": [

        "imetadata": [

        "itags": [

        "metadatas": [{
            "name": "LINKTYPE",
            "value": "PLAYLISTELEMENT"

 2) Once the xcontentId has been retrieved you can use the getThumbnail web service, which is included in the delivery package of xcontents. Among its parameters you will also find the "widthXheight", which you will have to fill with the required resolution. Once you will have the response, you will have to copy and paste the "Request URL" within your browser to retrieve the image.

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