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We are very proud to announce that we have recently deployed a major release of our solution, version 6.0. This new release is a revolutionary step towards the new era of the Intelligent DAM; it includes a sensational number of new features as well as some important improvements. 

Here are some of the new characteristics & features of THRON 6.0 that will revolutionize your way of working: 

  • Magic Site Integration: minimize the activation time of the DAM by automatically importing content from existing sites, and collecting strategical data from day 1. Just add a single line of code in the head section of your websites, THRON will automatically create one content for each page, analyzing its text and applying semantic tags. Take a look at this article to find out how Magic Site Integration works.
  • New content type: URL content type is a special content which consists in a reference to a specific web page. E.g.: all the content created via Magic Site integration are URL content.
  • New linked content management: We have renewed the management of linked content, so that you can now use even playlists, both by linking them to other content and using them as the main content to which link other content; thus creating even more immersive experiences.
  • Content Performance Dashboard: a new powerful dashboard to analyze your content performances and understand how your content have influenced the decision-making process of your users within their buyer's journey. Create specific call-to-actions from a dedicated area, paste a single line of code in your website and start measuring the effectiveness of your call-to-actions to find out the content visualization path that brought your users to convert. More information on how to integrate CTAs can be found here.
  • Advanced Content Analytics: we have introduced new important graphics in the Analytics Dashboard (now named "Advanced Content Analytics"). You will now find the following statistics:
    • Referral: URL that have addressed users to view your content.
    • Download: All the statistics related to the content download event.
  • SEO friendly embeds: embed codes generated by THRON Dashboard are now ready for content indexing by search engines. At the same time, a number of new APIs have been introduced; such APIs can be used to retrieve THRON assets allowing the user to choose whether or not they should be indexed. Take a look at this article to find out how to generate SEO friendly embeds.
  • New languages for Semantic Engine: improved and extended support, now including the following languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • New Player: We have created a new Player from scratch: fully responsive, perfectly integrable and highly customizable, with extraordinarily superior performance compared to the previous one.
  • Content Experience Manager: A powerful console from which you can create graphic customizations and immersive experiences for any kind of content, allowing you to centrally control all the embeds codes related to your content by editing or updating templates directly from the Dashboard. The template editor provides both a simplified visual mode and an advanced mode through which you can modify the css and js of the template to completely customize the layout and behavior of the player.
  • New embed codes: generate different types of embed/share, directly from content shareboard. Available embed types are: 
    • traditional embed: <script>...</script>
    • html image tag (for IMAGE content type): <img>...</img> with additional html tags to improve content indexing and rendering.
    • html video tag (for VIDEO content type): <video>...</video> with additional html tags to improve content indexing and rendering.
    • direct link: an url pointing to a specific sharing page customizable in look and feel.
    • RTIE: real time image editor is now fully integrated with embed code generation.

          You can find further information on how to generate embed codes here.

  • Metadata support: THRON now supports XMP and IPTC metadata that are associated with the source files. Not only this information will be visible within the content detail, but starting from these information the automatic tagging of the Semantic Engine will be improved.
  • New parameters for image cropping: new parameters have been added to the services that allows image cropping, further information are available here.
  • New services to export/sync contacts:  a new class of web services that allows you to get all the latest THRON contacts information in a specific time interval is finally available. This new type of services makes it even easier and more straightforward to integrate THRON with profiling (CRM) and Marketing Automation tools. Further information can be found here.
  • THRON Custom Application Manager update: via THRON Custom Application Manager, users will be now able to create folder-level public keys for content sharing. This means that each content within the folder on which the application has been installed can be embedded using the same authentication key (pkey) or user token. This facilitation dramatically reduces the timing of projects requiring the recursive distribution of content within the same folder.
  • THRON Creative Library: a new useful application to help editors & producers in saving cost & time, leveraging digital assets. This application, available both on Windows and Mac OSX, allows users to see replicated the same folder and content structure that they own in the platform, thus quickly accessing all the asset, directly into their personal computer: with a simple click, the source file will be opened with the specific software (e.g. a .ppt will be opened in PowerPoint), and upon saving, the content in THRON will be automatically updated. Moreover, this application allows you to: upload and download content, create folders and content by using drag and drop from your personal computer. Find out more on our Marketplace.
  • THRON Live application: THRON Live is now a Platform extension, and can be activated by accessing THRON Marketplace.
  • Predictive Content Recommendation: Recommendation will now automatically suggest the page url with most visits for the specific user language.

In addition to the important news listed above, we have introduced some important user experience changes:

  • New "Cockpit" menu: a whole new menu bar for easier access to Dashboard's sections, it includes:
    • "+" button to access specific functions such as content upload, Magic Site Integration, Widget Framework, THRON Custom Application Manager and to access Marketplace.
    • "Content" button to access the Content Management functionalities
    • "Intelligence" button, to access the area related to Content Intelligence, which includes:
      • Dashboard: the console through which you can see the trend of the main statistics on the last period.
      • Content Performance: the dashboard through which you can measure how your content have led your users to make conversions.
      • Single Customer View: the console that shows the "picture" of each of your contacts, showing their main interests, the content they have seen, and the ones they may be most interested in.
      • Advanced Content Analytics: the advanced console through which you can extract all the information related to content views or download by applying any combination of the available filters.
    • All the icons related to the available applications.
    • Simple and Advanced Content search.
    • The "Advanced" button, which allows you to access all the other Dashboard's sections such as:
      • Users: to access Passport and users' management.
      • Experience: to access the Template Center and the Embed Versioning.
      • Tags: to access Classifications and Taxonomy.
      • Audit: to access the Platform Audit.
      • Settings: to access all the Dashboard settings.
      • Extensions: to access the list of the applications which have been already installed.
      • Account & Billing: to access the subscriptions and the statistics related to the Platform Usage.
  • Redesigned content and folder shareboard: improving readability and ease of use, now including:
    • Extended black interface in content detail;
    • Improved experience in the tags' quick action interface.
    • Improved sharing pages now including responsive player.
  • Extensions and Connectors: manage applications without leaving your Dashboard; new user experience for the activation and management of applications, now even more integrated with THRON Dashboard.
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