REAL TIME IMAGE EDITOR: How to optimize images for different web channels and contexts

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Very often, a single image needs to be published on several different channels: the company website, the e-commerce, social media, apps and so on. But all these channels need different formats and versions of your images, and this means a lot of editing and post-production work from your creative team or agencies.

Moreover, you know that each one of your final users (and potential customers) needs (and deserves) a customized and high-quality experience. But you must consider that, very often, they surf your channels and watch your contents in very different conditions from one another, in terms of device, web browser and connectivity.

Offering a first-rate content experience is fundamental to attract and engage your users and customers. Supporting you in doing this is our mission.





What is THRON Real-Time Image Editor

THRON Real-Time Image Editor allows you to maintain a single centralized version that can feed all digital channels by processing every request for the images and related cropping parameters and size in real time and uploading the streaming image in the appropriate resolution and format.

In this way, images are no longer copied in each format and resolution, but simply streamed and adapted to the various channels to ensure the most exciting user experience, without losing control.

THRON RTIE offers you concrete and measurable benefits:

  • No multiple copies or formats of your images;
  • A save in time and effort for your editors and creative team;
  • A first-class and personalized experience for you users;
  • High-speed and SEO-friendly web pages and web sites.

In this article you will find out how to optimize images for your final channels taking advantage of THRON delivery and its features.



How to crop images when generating an embed code from THRON DAM Platform interface

From a content shareboard in THRON DAM PLATFORM, it is possible to generate an embed code in order to publish it on your external channels. In case you are generating an embed code for an image, you can take advantage of Real-Time Image Editor additional crop modes. In particular, when you generate an embed code manually from THRON, RTIE enables three crop modes: Auto, Centered, Manual and Product.


In every case, THRON will automatically process the image with the highest available quality in order to apply cropping and resize algorithms matching your request. Moreover:

  • Auto: by using this mode, RTIE will preserve the image's main subject
  • Centered: by using this mode, RTIE will preserve the image's center
  • Manual: by using this mode, THRON will resize parameters manually provided by the user himself. The manual mode provides three options for resizing the selected crop:
      • Widescreen: if the aspect ratio of the crop is different from that of the divArea, the Real-time Image Editor will attempt to fit the crop in order to fill it;
      • Letterbox: if the aspect ratio of the crop is different from that of the divArea, RTIE will apply lateral bars to your image, and you can specify their color;
      • Exact: allows you to get exactly the required crop, without any alteration by RTIE.
  • Product: by using this mode, THRON will focus on the only object present by removing the parts of the background in excess and centering the subject, giving more weight to elements that are not predominant.



How to take advantage of THRON Real-Time Image Editor via API

Crop and resize parameters can be included as query parameters in the endpoint of the public/image API, which is typically used to retrieve images

In this article you can find more information about how to embed images into your web pages, together with a detailed description of all THRON Real-Time Image Editor parameters you can take advantage to optimize your images.

You can find detailed documentation of the web service here

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