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THRON is first and foremost a platform that guarantees (by contract) its client the ability to collect customer data and make it solely available to himself. THRON becomes solely “responsible for data processing" while guaranteeing the Client institutional titles. In contrast to many solutions from US and Asia markets, THRON ensures client compliance with current European standards in terms of responsibility for data processing.

Moreover, THRON does not need data collected by third parties to identify and qualify the users, because it is a system intended to allow the company to know its audience (anonymous and profiled) in relation to the matters that the individual contact sees and enjoys.

In particular:

  • THRON stores IP-masquerading users, to reduce expressive power, preventing the user personally.
  • THRON does not store fingerprint device data (deleted soon after receipt).
  • THRON uses the tracking of users and devices to help identify the different user sessions in order to provide content analytics, in the same way also served by other analytics solutions, such as (but not limited to) Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics; (The contact id is anonymous information - randomly generated - which is in all respects due to a session identifier and is used to collect analytical data and identify sessions).
  • each customer is free to "opt-out" by following a public link available in the THRON privacy policy
  • THRON player and Tracking Library make parameters and methods to manage tracking refusal available to any user.

Under these conditions THRON only needs to be shown in the cookie policy (and/or in the privacy policy) as a third-party tool (as you can see in the summary of the Guarantor:

At a time when the customer wishes to enrich the THRON information (but similar considerations also apply to other third-party solutions) with data that can directly or indirectly determine the user's identity, it is necessary that the client provides users with a warning banner and extended references to the “opt out” option information, where it needs to be made available to users.

In order to comply with the current Privacy Law and the rules of data processing, the customer is invited to fulfill the following:

  • Insert a specific following clause in its Privacy Policy to provide users with all the information on the way data will be processed by the services provided by THRON. Tracking cookies installed by THRON should not be listed in the Cookie Policy, but THRON must be stated as third party installing tracking cookies, along with a referral to THRON's Privacy Policy.
  • Collect users' consent to data communication at THRON.
  • Appoint THRON as external data processing manager.
  • Notify the "Garante della privacy" of any profiling activity (if performed) pursuant to art. 37comma 1 D) Privacy Code.

The following is an example of the clause to be included in the Privacy Policy. It can either be used "as-is", since it is already compliant with the current law, or it can be submitted to a professional and industry expert (i.e. lawyer, privacy counselor etc.) in order to be adapted at will.


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Software per la gestione delle risorse digitali usato da questa applicazione

Il titolare utilizza un software cloud che fornisce una soluzione tecnica integrata di digital asset management (“DAM”; gestione delle risorse digitali). Tramite tale software, il titolare è in grado di gestire in maniera centralizzata e, quindi, più efficiente le proprie risorse digitali che sono disponibili e/o pubblicate, simultaneamente, su molteplici canali web.

L'uso di tale software permette, inoltre, di ottenere statiche relative all'uso e alla consultazione delle risorse gestite tramite lo stesso.
Tale software è fornito dalla società THRON S.p.A. (“THRON”).
THRON non raccoglie automaticamente, tramite il software, dati personali identificativi degli utenti che visitano le risorse digitali gestite tramite il software. Tuttavia, l'utilizzo del software comporta la raccolta automatica dei seguenti dati: l'indirizzo IP, il sistema operativo ed il tipo di browser del computer o dispositivo mobile utilizzato, l'URL del sito visitato prima o dopo l'accesso ad un servizio in cui è integrata la soluzione di THRON.

Fermo restando quanto sopra, in determinate circostanze, il titolare potrebbe richiedere agli utenti l'autorizzazione a trasmettere a THRON alcuni loro dati identificativi quali nome, cognome, email,

al fine di ricevere statistiche più accurate e dettagliate in merito all'uso ed alla consultazione delle risorse digitali. Tale trasmissione avverrà solo a condizione che sia stato prestato un consenso espresso, informato da parte dell'utente. L'utente avrà sempre la possibilità di revocare tale consenso inviando un'email al titolare all'indirizzo email indicato nella presente privacy policy. Per ottenere maggiori informazioni, l'utente è inviato a consultare la privacy policy di THRON, disponibile al seguente link.


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Digital asset management software used by this application

The data controller uses cloud software which provides an integrated digital asset management (“DAM”) solution. By using such software, the data controller is able to manage its digital resources, in a centralised and, therefore, more efficient way, while they are simultaneously available and/or published on multiple web media channels.

The software also provides also statistics regarding the use of the digital resources managed through it.
The software is supplied by THRON S.p.A. (“THRON”).
THRON does not automatically collect, via the software, any personal identifiable information from the users who visit the digital resources managed through the software. Nonetheless, the use of the software involves the automatic collection of user's the following information: IP address, operating system and type of browser used by the computer or mobile device, the URL of the website visited by the user before and after the access to any of the services within which the THRON's technical solution is integrated.

Notwithstanding the above, under specific circumstances, the data controller may request users' prior consent to communicate to THRON personal identifiable information about the users, including but not limited to, their name, surname and email address, in order to receive more accurate and detailed statistics on the use of the digital resources managed through the software. Such communication shall take place only after express and informed consent is given by the user. Any such user shall retain the right to freely revoke the consent given at any time by means of an email sent to the data controller at the contact details provided in the present privacy policy.

For further information, the user is invited to visit THRON's privacy policy available at the following link.




Integration between THRON Privacy Policy and the Client's Privacy Policy

The integration should be done by inserting in the third-party tracking system link to allow users to OPT OUT of THRON. The link is:


In some cases, customers also need to expose the cookie list, if necessary it is:

THRON tracking cookies

_TA_tracking: Third party, used to identify subsequent content views from same device. duration: 1 year.

<clientId>: Third party, used to identify subsequent content views from same device. duration: 1 year.

_TA_privacy: Third party, used to store user opt-out status. If value is 1, user will not be tracked. Duration: 1 year.

_sp_ses: session cookie. First party. It is used to identify different browsing sessions. Duration: 30 minutes

_sp_id: user visits cookie. First party. Lasts 2 years. Stores last user visits timestamps, per domain.

sp: clojure collector cookie. Third party. It is used by the tracking library gather anonymous analytics data. Duration: 1 year.

__canI_TH: used to store if browser allows cookies to be created. Duration: expired

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