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Leverage the user interests collected with Content Intelligence to personalize marketing automation campaigns and boost the engagement of contacts who have converted via Social Networks.


Here is an example: think about a company that sells clothes.


  • They have activated the Content Intelligence tracking on all company content, so as to profile every user in an anonymous way (for now).
  • The company creates a promoted post to offer premium content, explaining how to remove difficult stains from a dress with natural products you have at home (lemon, flour, water), without having to buy chemical products.
  • A user who belongs to the target audience opens the post and clicks the “download” button to get the content.
  • On the download page, the Content Intelligence “communicates” with the social media to track the contact and makes it recognizable to the software.
  • The Sales Specialist now examines this user’s single customer view and understands what corporate content he/she has seen (before and after the download).
  • Content Intelligence will then suggest the best content to use to begin the nurturing process.







KPI CHECK: Measure the performance of the editorial strategy and optimize the remarketing strategy


  • Use intelligence data to measure content and topics that perform best, and then adapt your editorial strategy to produce better content.
  • Get from your CRM tool the list of contacts generated by each specific campaign, and extract an updated list of these users' interests from THRON. With this list, you can make your remarketing strategy segmentation efficient and offer targeted campaigns according to their position in the funnel.
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