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Leverage Content Intelligence to enrich your CRM customer profiles with their interests, providing your sales team with strategic insights that will speed up the Buyer’s Journey.


Mapping potential customer interactions and interpreting them, creates an advantage for both customers and brands.


In their buyer’s journey, users tell a lot about themselves: their passions, interests, desires, and their expectations from the brand they are dealing with.


Content Intelligence can analyze and comprehend the actions that people make online: which video they watched, the news they read on the mobile App or the articles they choose from the newsletter, the products they have looked for in the e-commerce.


These data, collected from different channels, can now help the sales team anticipate each customer’s interests and their needs, offering personalized Calls to actions according to their different interests.


On the other hand, users are more likely to click on a Call to Action if it is personalized and it responds to their actual interests.







KPI Check: Access Single Customer View to know the interests of your contacts

With THRON's Single Customer View, you can access a contact's detail at any time and always get up-to-date information, including all the content that your contact has viewed, even before profiling, and the tag cloud related to their interests.


And if you have activated a recommendation, THRON will automatically suggest the most relevant content for that contact at that moment.


To search for a contact in the Single Customer View, you can use any identity they have provided (e.g. email address), or simply their ID in the CRM if you have started the whole synch mechanism.


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