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Use Content Intelligence to measure the performance of your content and how it affects the buying decision process; adjust your content strategy by knowing which topics and content types lead to a higher conversion rate and focus on the production of specific content :


  • You will know which content (image, video, etc) brings more people to your online store.
  • You will measure content performance and understand which type of format and topics have most influenced conversion, also considering the interests collected for each user and on which channels your content was viewed. You will be able to personalize your content offer for each visitor.
  • You will have continuous insights about trending topics, which will not only help you manage your content, but also redefine your go-to-market strategies.


Marketers will be savvier about what truly persuades customers to buy.







KPI Check: View Content Performance Data


Access the Content Performance dashboard to analyze how your content has influenced your users' decision-making process, both before and after the execution of each specific call-to-action. Let’s see some examples:


  1. Imagine that you have generated a series of images for your product catalogue; you want to see whether the cost of producing these images was justified, so you assess if users have actually viewed these images before finalizing their purchase.


You should access the Content Performance dashboard, filter data based on the "Product purchase" call-to-action and limit the time analysis to a period prior to the execution of the call-to-action (e.g. 30 days). Then, among EDITORIAL classification tags, go see the percentage of visits affected by content with the "Catalog image" tag.


  1. Then you may want to see if the content produced for the post-sales stage is actually viewed by those users who finalize their purchases, and understand if and how much you should invest in the production of this type of content.


In this case, you will filter the time window for the period after the execution of the call-to-action, and among EDITORIAL classification tags, you will identify the percentage of visits made to content with the "Post-sales/Retention" tag, which is related to the content funnel.


  1. A third type of extraction you may be interested in is to see which topics are viewed before or after the purchase.

TOPIC classification tags are available in the first graph in the Dashboard; you can see how much each topic affects the total number of visits in the considered time period. Are the topics viewed consistent with the progress of the purchasing process? Are there any topics that you would expect to see before the purchase but are instead viewed after it, or vice versa?

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