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Use Content Intelligence to enrich your digital experience and provide each user with the right content that will push them towards the final step of their buying process.


In your e-commerce, there are two main types of product-related content.


  • Product-specific content, such as product pictures, tech sheets, usage videos, instructions, etc. They are used in e-commerce catalogs and in the final buying process.
  • Product usage or product pairing content, used to showcase products, such as brochures, customer testimonials, use cases, expert reviews.


Such content should be linked to the whole digital experience: this will prevent providing users with irrelevant information, which would make them look outside your platform for more information, or even check out to competitors’ touchpoints.







KPI CHECK: Measure how your content influence the customer journey


To measure the effectiveness of your strategy, you can use the Content Performance Dashboard provided by THRON, and analyze how your content has influenced your customers’ buying process. To do this, you must first connect to THRON all the call-to-actions in your e-commerce, such as adding a product to the shopping cart or finalizing a purchase.


To create a CTA in THRON, click on the Advanced button in the header menu and reach the "Platform Settings" section; then click on “CTA Management” and create a new CTA, assigning it an explanatory name.


Copy provided code and paste it into your e-commerce pages, hooking the execution to the click on the relative button. Here’s an example:


<script>// <![CDATA[
   var trackCta = function(){
    var tracker = _ta.initCtaTracker('','');
// ]]></script>


Finally, access the Content Performance Dashboard by clicking on "Intelligence" in the header menu. Select the desired call-to-action from dropdown and filter for the period of time before or after call-to-action execution to analyze your customers' behavior. 


In-depth information:


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