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Increase your websites’ engagement and conversion rates by using dynamic content to personalize digital experience, based on the actual user interests collected by Content Intelligence.


With the support provided by Artificial Intelligence, Content Intelligence Software analyzes the topics a user is interested in by following their online behavior.


Then, it calculates cross-channel data in real-time and recommends specific content based on the single user’s current interests.


In this way, HTML pages (website pages, landing pages, applications) can become dynamic: that is to say, once visited, the page starts suggesting additional items, videos and all sorts of follow-up materials to make the customer experience complete and personalized, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.


Moreover, if different users have different interests, the same website can appear completely different to them.






KPI Check: Gather all data on your content


Access the Content Analytics dashboard using the "Intelligence" button in the head menu. From this screen you can see all content views statistics, applying different types of filters.


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