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The Intelligent DAM is a unique tool designed to help marketing managers face the real challenge of the omnichannel digital experience: keeping the brand’s identity and the tone of voice consistent through all touchpoints, especially during one surfing session.


Good Content Intelligence Software does not only provide important insights about your audience, improving the efficiency of your content marketing and your sales or business development activities.


It also needs to help you to dynamically adapt content to any digital channel in real time, and tell you where the content has been published, who published it, and allow you remove it, if necessary.


But many companies today copy content across many different silos. For example, one content can be uploaded to HubSpot to be used in emails, in WordPress to be published in a blog post, in Adobe Experience Manager to be used in a website, or in Salesforce E-commerce for the e-commerce platform.


Having just one version of every piece of content will simplify marketing operations and ensure better control over content.






KPI Check: Update any content centrally, on every channel


The distribution of your content is finally back under your control.

From now on, you can check where and by whom your content is used at any time.

The Shareboard shows a snapshot of all the shares that have taken place with each of your content, but that’s not all! Through the “History”, you can monitor all the actions performed on your content, and always see who has carried out which action, when and from which device/IP address.


But there are even more benefits to this: centralizing the content will save enormous amounts of time and money when you need to update any of it.

Instead of having to provide the new version of the asset to all the systems it is shared with, you will just need to update your content in THRON, and all the shares will update instantly and automatically. 


To update any of your content, the editors will just have to open the content in THRON and drag the new source file over the browser window.

THRON will immediately ask them if they are trying to create new content or if they want to upload a new version.

Right after the new transcoding process, the new version of the content will be public, and all embed codes will automatically update, simple as that.



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