Why is the response of some web services cached?

Some web services are typically designed to help integrators in developing front-end projects, in which it is necessary to have very small response times in order to ensure an appropriate user experience. For this reason, the response of these services is cached.

Typically this happens for any web service using the GET method. In THRON there are some alternatives that leverage POST method, and which can be used to realize backend integrations, without incurring in cached responses. Please be aware that the response bodies of the different methods do not return the same information: more specifically, the GET methods for front-end projects typically contain information related to delivery integrations (e.g. the channel urls, the embed templates...) whereas the POST method typically returns all the set of information required for backend integrations (e.g. contentIds, caategoryIds, prettyIds, tags...).


These are the GET methods for front-end projects integrations and their alternatives:



GET web service


POST alternative

getCategory findByProperties2 To retrieve all the information on a specific folder (or set of folders)
getContentDetail findByProperties To retrieve all the information on a specific content
showContents findByProperties To retrieve all the information on a specific set of content
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