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In the last few weeks we have published a series of interesting articles that you might not want to miss. So here's a brief recap:

  • How to embed images into your projects: to know how to use the new web service to make public html  embeds (indexed by search engine crawlers) of images, and different use cases of the Real Time Image Editor parameters.
  • How to generate SEO friendly embeds using HTML tags: to know how to enrich html embeds with meta tags in order to optimize content indexing.
  • THRON Tracking Library: a new simpler and faster system of tracking THRON content when Player is not involved, by means of simple inline css rules.
  • CTA Integration: measure the performance of your content by integrating THRON with your call to actions, see how your content influence the decision process of your users.
  • How to create an embed code via API: learn how to create embed codes using THRON API, leverage THRON Custom Application manager to create a simple pkey which can be used to embed all the content within a specific folder.
  • How to manage template versioning: best practices to learn how to manage Player templates without effecting existing embeds.
  • How to sync your contacts with a CRM: keep the profiling information of your contacts up-to-date by checking updates periodically.
  • Magic Site Integration: import all your assets by means of a simple line of javascript to be put in the head of your websites.

Moreover, we recommend you to have a look at our Marketplace for an overview on our new applications, and for a sneak peek on coming soon integrations.

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