THRON Dashboard: Internet Explorer 9, end of support

As officially stated by Microsoft  (see this article), starting from January 12, 2016, support for Internet Explorer 9 has been interrupted.
This means that such version of the browser is no longer receiving security updates and technical support, exposing users to vulnerabilities and security breaches. 
In order to guarantee the security of its customers’ data, and to ensure maximum performances offered by the technologies built-in the latest versions of the browsers, THRON has decided to officially drop Dashboard compatibility with Internet Explorer 9, starting from April 20, 2017. 
This interruption will only affect  THRON Dashboard: users on Internet Explorer 9 will still be able to access, but they will have a limited set of functionalities (content upload is not allowed) and THRON will not offer any kind of support for issues related to such version of the browser. 
Users on Internet Explorer 9 will still be able to access content via THRON Player (e.g.: embed codes or view-shares), according to the compatibility list presented in this article.
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