Integrate THRON Multimedia Proxy to a probes service

If you wish to set a probe instruments which monitors the status of your THRON Multimedia Proxy you can do it thanks to PRTG integration, which is a network monitor (free up to 100 sensors).

In order to enable the integration you just have to click on the "monitor" icon related to the specific license you wish to monitor; you will find a link to an xml file in the popup, under "Export license status":

Just copy the provided URL and then move to your PRTG account, once there click on "Add sensor" and create a new probe related to your Multimedia Proxy by selecting the group first. 

Then in the second step, paste the url you previously copied and make sure you fill all the information as we made in this example:

Once you are done, the service will start monitoring the service and will notify you of eventual disruptions:

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