How to configure your HubSpot Connector

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Enable Contacts Synchronization

In order to start the integration between THRON and HubSpot you will have to provide the connector with the following information related to your HubSpot account:

  • portal ID
  • client ID
  • client Secret
  • Application ID
  • API Key

Retrieving the portal ID is pretty simple: when the user accesses its HubSpot portal he sees its portal ID (HUB ID) in the upper right corner of the screen.





In order to retrieve the other information (client ID, client secret, application ID and API Key) you must create a new application for HubSpot integration. You will have to register in the Developers Portal. Once your account has been activated, just log on and create a new application. 

Pick any name you ike for your application, but make sure you select the option:

  • Private. Only your portal will get value out of this application




Once this application has been created, the user will be sent to the application's interface. In the "Detail" tab you will be able to find the following information:

  • app ID
  • client ID
  • client secret




Then, under "Scopes", make sure the following checkboxes are "flagged":

  • Basic OAuth functionality
  • Read from and write to my Contacts


Finally, the API Key can be generated and retrieved within the "Integrations" section, which can be reached by any subscribed developer via the following url:


In the left column of this page you will find the voice "Get your HubSpot API Key" which will allow you to create an API Key or to view already existing ones.



THRON provides a useful tracking tool which can be used to:

  • Track the content’s visualizations (and where possible their popularity rating)
  • Profile a contact as soon as he performs any call-to-action
  • Enable Content Intelligence practices
  • Track the page on which the contact has viewed a content, thus offering a starting point for the recommendation

The HubSpot Connector serves as an additional tool to furtherly improve the tracking quality: it provides a JavaScript snippet which can be embedded into the landing pages created on the HubSpot editor and will connect the identity of the HubSpot contact with the THRON’s one, boosting the precision of the available recommendations.

To set up this joined tracking you must perform some simple actions during the landing page setup:

  • Make sure you insert an HubSpot form in the landing page;
  • If needed, set the redirection features for the form;
  • In the Settings/Advanced Options panel modify the HTML header of the page by including the integration script:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//<clientId>"></script>

where "clientId" is the domain name used to access THRON, usually your company name. 

  • Save and publish.
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